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Daisy's Dozen

Easy Signature Tags

How to make 12 different tags quickly and easily.

Click on each tag to be taken to a page with fuller instructions and more tags using the particular effect.

If you are really in a hurry, snag these!  They are free for you to use which is why the ones on the other pages do not have any wording.

I will take requests to add wording. Mail me at

removing the nospam and tell me which tag and the wording required.



Jasc Paintshop Pro v.8

Dsb Flux Filters

A tube of your choice.  Download the one used here.

TAG 1   Chisel Tool  
TAG 2   Antique Mosaic Settings

TAG 3  Glass Mosaic


TAG 4 Wave
TAG 5 Spiky Halo
TAG 6 Shapes
TAG 7 Frame

TAG 9  DSB FLUX Bubbles


TAG 10 DSB FLUX Electrosphere


TAG 11   DSB FLUX Radial Smox with Curlicues


TAG 12  Radial Smox with Twirl





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